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Degree Translation Services Provide the Initial Step to Success

A degree certificate presents a formal completion of a particular field of study, academic coursework, or a professional training based on a curriculum program. This legal document serves as a qualification awarded to an individual after completing a course at the university level.

For somebody who dreams of an exciting professional career, acquiring a degree certificate from a reputable institution is crucial. There is an emerging market for degree translation services as more and more people aspire of landing a great job abroad. With the presence of international companies in many parts of the world, the degree certificate translation has grown into a permanent need for graduates, job seekers, and employers. A certified translation of degree certificate helps professionals explore the international job market comfortably without dealing too much with language discrepancies, particularly between potential employers.

Therefore, foreigners can comply with specific documentary requirements for college admission, employment visa, and residence visa applications. Degree translation services convert all types of academic credentials like Bachelor's degree, Master's Degree, Ph.D. certificate, diploma, associate certificate, and a professional certificate. Because of easy access to the internet, online service providers are now fully accessible for those who need a translation of their degree certificates.

An Industry Expert that Delivers the Best Degree Certificate Translation

A certified degree certificate translation promotes easy language access to the source document without compromising USCIS regulations and guidelines. U.S. government authorities require foreign students to have their degree certificate translated as part of immigration procedures. HR professionals, for example, mandate all degree certificates of foreign applicants be translated for better job assessment.

Featuring Vanan, an ISO 9001:2015 Standards service company, delivers a complete line of foreign degree translation services for all types of degree certificates at a starting price of $25/page. An impressive network of expert native speaking translators is readily available 24/7 to translate your academic certificates in 100+ different dialects. All translations strictly adhere to the original form of the certificate, assuring clients the highest level of document quality.

There are unique service features await clients including a free quote, a simple ordering process, and flexible payment options. Supporting our client's need for security, original documents are totally protected from any illegal access. We also provide an NDA agreement for clients and translators on separate occasions. For more information, feel free to contact us or you may speak to one of our 24/7 customer support agents via call back, toll-free numbers, and live chat.

The Importance of Translation of Degree Certificate

For professionals who seek better career opportunities in an international company either locally or foreign-based, having a translation of degree certificate increases their chances of getting hired. A professional translation of degree certificate provides security for document owners while speeding up the processing tasks.

In most cases, international schools or colleges mandate international students to submit a translated degree certificate for registration purposes. A degree certificate translation is necessary to reduce forgery incidents or deliberate misrepresentation of a degree certificate. This is why degree translation services are crucial to the job market industry and the business world as well. Shortly, Vanan will create more employment opportunities for career advancements in the entire world.

We also provide below mentioned variations of translation services

  • ✓ Audio Translation
  • ✓ Diploma Translation
  • ✓ Story Translation
  • ✓ Passport Translation
  • ✓ Thesis Translation
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Translation Rates

Additional features Additional cost
Notarization $15/page
[Includes Certification Charge - $5+ Service Charge - $10]
Mailing Charges(US only) through USPS $20 - Within 2 to 3 business days
Note: Express delivery available

File Formats For Translation

We accept and deliver file formats such as.

Input formats Output formats
From xml, html, txt,jpg, giff, docx, word, doc, ppt, xls, pdf, and more. .docx, .doc, .pdf and custom file formats.

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