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The importance of press release translation services to the news world

Unlike any other form of news reports, a press release is a communication tool either recorded or written presented by any media organization for the sole purpose of announcing an important event or news that is worth watching and listening. It contains relevant details that are intended to inform the public regarding upcoming shows, new product releases, and government warnings. However, a press release is no longer limited to a local audience as media and business enterprises seek to expand their market coverage with the use of translation.

A translation of press release is very important because it aims to influence readers about political views, newsworthy contents, and national issues revolving around the internet. A press release can be in a form of advocacy, citizen statement, blogging, scientific, illustrative, and editorial review among others. For this reason, press release translation services are now becoming valuable to help the world audience gain access to interesting stories and breaking news happening anywhere.

Vanan, an ISO 9001: Certified service enterprise, engages with worldwide news organizations in producing high-quality translation services for all types of press releases at reasonable rates. We are glad to assist various institutions whether private, government, or non-profit to deliver their press releases across millions of viewers in any preferred presentation.

Translation of press release conveys the news contents to everyone

The objective of a press release is to share information and to entice the audience to anticipate trending news, products, and services. The good thing is that the more language translation being conducted to a press release, the bigger the opportunities it would create for news media organizations, businesses, and advertising agencies. With internet access, a press release can now be posted online or used as news clipping or an E-mail marketing campaign to generate more subscribers afterward.

The translation of press release involves the careful selection of equivalent meaning for every word inside the news item because it can create a strong impact to the end users. Fortunately, our native translators are equipped with the best translation technology available and other online applications to translate your press release as close to the original content as possible. We make sure that every translation is only assigned to the right translator who possesses a high level of competence and full familiarity of the target language.

During the process, we implement multiple layers of proofreading to make sure that the news value and overall objectivity of the press statement are not ruined completely. Also, we enforce complete privacy for our valued clients by securing the whole transaction using an NDA agreement. To ensure high performance and quality of work, our translation services press release is supported by security documents such as notary certificate.

Work with experts who will translate press release with perfection

Our expertise involves an efficient working system capable to translate press release for all news media outlets including newspapers, TV or radio broadcast, online news portals, magazines, and news agencies. A great combination of talented human resources, managerial expertise, and updated software tools enables us to translate press release effectively and to complete the project right on schedule. Our press release translation can also be delivered in various file formats, fully customized according to specific requirements from our clients.

But more than this, the entire online platform is very convenient to use from uploading steps, payment options, and all the way to terms of delivery. We got hundreds of customer support agents ready to assist clients in all inquiries and concerns. You may contact us right away through given toll-free numbers, instant messaging, and call back services 24/7.

Press release translation services offer a well-rounded solution to deliver your contents straight to your target viewership in any comfortable language. Moreover, you always get the chance to connect yourself to the world using a worthy video statement or news release.

We also provide below mentioned variations of translation services

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Translation Rates

Additional features Additional cost
Notarization $15/page
[Includes Certification Charge - $5+ Service Charge - $10]
Mailing Charges(US only) through USPS $20 - Within 2 to 3 business days
Note: Express delivery available

File Formats For Translation

We accept and deliver file formats such as.

Input formats Output formats
From xml, html, txt,jpg, giff, docx, word, doc, ppt, xls, pdf, and more. .docx, .doc, .pdf and custom file formats.

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